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Ethereal Beach Maternity Photos in Half Moon Bay

Looking for the dreamiest spot on the California coast for your upcoming maternity session? Then allow me to introduce you to Half Moon Bay. Not only are maternity photos some of my favorite sessions to capture, but this location is the perfect spot if you want those ethereal and beachy vibes. It has some of the most jaw-dropping views along the coastline and is one of the prettiest beaches in California. If you’re looking for inspo for your upcoming beach maternity photos, steal some ideas from this session that featured the most gorgeous mama-to-be.

Getting Perfect Beach Maternity Photos

As a California girl at heart, the beach will always be one of my top recommendations for photo sessions whether it’s for engagement, couples or maternity photos. The crashing waves and soft sands are guaranteed to create a stunning backdrop despite whatever time of day or weather conditions we’re working with. Plus, a beach setting compliments whatever aesthetic or outfits you choose. For my mamas-to-be, I always recommend something flowing and ethereal to align with the beachy vibes. And Allison absolutely nailed that look for her winter maternity session in Half Moon Bay. I also love when my couples go for a more formal look and opt to change into a casual look as well. It gives your photos so much variety and the appearance of two different sessions in one.

Also, be sure to plan appropriate footwear for the beach! With a location like Half Moon Bay, we’ll have to walk to get to some of the most beautiful viewpoints, so wear something comfortable and plan to change into your preferred shoes when we arrive. You can never go wrong with barefoot on the beach and it makes for such gorgeous maternity photos! I always love when clients bring cute props to the session as well. For beach maternity photos, bring a cute blanket to put down on the sand or a picnic basket to set the scene!

Half Moon Bay, California Session Tips

Like I mentioned before, Half Moon Bay is one of my favorite locations to shoot because of all the stunning overlooks and jaw-dropping views. As we walk along the beach, you’ll have dramatic cliffs framing the background as the blue-gray waves crash in the background. One of my favorite shots to capture is having my couples walk out onto the cliffs while I shoot them from a distance. It’s such a dramatic shot and a must-have for any couples or beach maternity session at Half Moon Bay. I typically recommend that my couples keep their outfits in neutral tones to compliment the surrounding natural beauty. I love how this mama-to-be went for a white flowing gown- it truly gave her the most angelic look. 

Keep in mind that this is a popular California beach spot, so I’ll advise you on the best times to shoot when you book your session to avoid the crowds but still capture the perfect lighting and conditions. Another great thing about Half Moon Bay is we can shoot at any time of the year and still get the most amazing scenery. It’s truly the perfect location for anyone wanting epic views, a beachy aesthetic and tons of versatility.

If Half Moon Bay is your dream location for beach maternity photos, don’t wait to book your session! You can also find more Half Moon Bay photo inspiration on my Instagram for couples, engagements and family photos. If you have any questions about shooting at this spot or booking your upcoming session, drop me a line here, I’d love to chat with you!