Engagement sessions are the first step of the beginning to an incredible journey together that ends in forever. Let's showcase your relationship together, for you to keep until the end of time. We can adventure somewhere fun and incredible, or stay close to home in some beautiful local fields in California. Not that you have to be engaged to capture your love through the lens of my camera (;



Let's boost your confidence. Let's capture your incredible relationship. Let's laugh together as I get in the most awkward positions by bending my body in the weirdest ways to get the angle I want, Or watch me climb into a freaking bush to get that perfect shot. Believe me, I will do whatever it takes to capture that perfect image.

Join The Tribe

I can't tell you how many people have come to me a nervous wreck, They admit they've never had professional pictures taken before. I tell everyone the same thing; this will be an incredible experience that you will never forget! I am not looking for professional models. I'm a professional that specializes in getting the most out of a photo shoot. So let's create a stress-free experience together.