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Is a resort wedding for you?

This bride and groom chose Mexico for their resort wedding.

So there you are, planning a wedding, desperately searching for a venue and Googling ‘wedding photographers near me,’ when you begin to realize it’s just too much. The idea of running off for a resort wedding sounds better and better with each passing moment.

Psst. We agree! 


Think about how much a traditional venue costs. Then consider a six-day stay at a resort. More often than not, it’s cheaper! Not only that, but it’s a good way to keep things small. Bonus: you get to hang out with family and friends at a dreamy resort. I’ve seen brides and grooms do this and have THE BEST time. Believe me, sometimes running away and saying ‘I do’ is more fun than that fancy-schmancy wedding.

So…how do you start? I’m glad you asked! Having traveled all over the western hemisphere as a professional photographer, I’ve got some great tips. 

The Tetons is a great place for a resort wedding. This bride and groom enjoyed scenic backdrops for their wedding.


1. Location, location, locations: Check out my photography portfolios for some inspo. Believe me, each resort has a different feel. Getting married in Cabo is about beaches and sunshine. Getting married in Hawaii means beaches, too, but they have mountains and rivers and tropical foliage that’s to-die for. Do your research (again, check out my wedding photographer portfolio) to get a feel for different locales.

2. Shop ’til you drop: Resorts don’t have to be super-pricey, especially if you investigate the off season. For example, booking a wedding in Mexico in the late spring is cheaper than summer when tourists are swarming. Wherever you go, avoid Spring Break. Airlines are typically over-booked at this time, so if Uncle Jimmy misses his flight, he’ll be SOL on getting another flight. Also, keep your eye out for specials. If you join email lists, sometimes you can score a screamin’ deal.

3. All in or all out: Some resorts are all-inclusive. Some are stand-alone. All-inclusive means meals and drinks are included. You can have yourself a good time without worrying about over spending. Plus you don’t have to leave the resort. (Just don’t have too much fun. 😉)

Keep in mind, many of these resorts are adults only, and let me just say, there’s something to be said about being kid-free (I’m a mom of two. I get it). Make sure you know what you’re getting into before you book. Sometimes it’s more cost-effective to book a regular resort. And in some locations, that’s the only option e.g. Yosemite.

4. Secret Agent: Remind me to tell you about the time I traveled to Cancun all on my own. Good times! (Not.) Using a travel agent means you won’t make the same mistakes I did. Things like knowing how long the wait through Customs typically takes. If you should shuttle from the airport or if it’s safe to take a taxi. What’s the best time to arrive? Where should I stay versus where I shouldn’t stay. These are the things I wish I’d known, and all of them are things a travel agent will know. Trust me, it’ll save you time and money and probably a panic attack or two. 

Cancun makes a terrific resort wedding destination.


I have some ideas on the best wedding resorts across the globe. I’ve been there and done that with a few of them. So here goes:

Cancun: I loved the exclusivity of shooting in Cancun. You feel like you’re in a different world once you arrive at the resort. There’s no need to leave, and the staff is always so friendly. It’s a trek from the airport to the resort, however, and there are some areas you’ll want to avoid, but you can’t beat the Caribbean as a wedding destination.

Cabo: Traveling to this resort wedding spot is easy. The airport is close to San Lucas and San Jose, making for an easy commute. (Just be careful of all the sales people trying to sell you timeshares on your way out of the airport. Best to book transportation ahead of time so you can walk straight outside!) The beaches are stunning, however, and most everyone in town speaks english. Plus, the food! Ooo! The food. The scenery is tropical mixed with desert making for some unique photo ops. Highly recommended!

Hawaii: The one downside to this locale is the long flight, but in the end you’re rewarded with magnificent scenery and dreamy weather. Well, for the most part. I’ve been caught in a few torrential downpours. Just watch the weather carefully before you take off for that long hike up Waihe Ridge Trail. The color of the water in Hawaii is unmatched, and so is the color of the sand. I’ve taken some stunning wedding photos in Hawaii. 

Yosemite: there are some stunning resorts both inside and outside of the park. Be aware that if you book a resort outside park gates, it’s a bit of a drive to Yosemite Valley. I would recommend getting married on a weekday or booking in the off season. The roads get crazy-busy and parking can be an issue, but you can’t beat the stunning vistas nearby! Alas, there are no all-inclusive resorts in Yosemite, but almost all of the places where I’ve stayed have their own restaurant, swimming pools and even laundry! Super cost-effective and dreamy views. What’s not to love?

Whatever your resort wedding destination, make sure you hire a photographer that’s familiar with the landscape. We all have our own secret spots. There’s nothing worse than shooting with a photographer that has no idea what locations look best and what time of day you should take pictures. Of course, I hope you’ll choose me. But if not, I hope you have fun planning a wedding at a resort. As always, hit me up with questions! Message me here.