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This Couple Planned the Perfect Sunset Yosemite Elopement | Daneika + Tyler

If there’s one type of session I’m ALWAYS down for, it’s a romantic and adventurous elopement in Yosemite National Park. With over 750,000 acres of stunning scenery and some of the most iconic views on Earth, getting married in Yosemite is truly magical. And if jaw dropping elopement photos are a must-have for your big day, a sunset session in the park is unparalleled. In this post, I’ll be sharing all the details from Daneika and Tyler’s unforgettable Yosemite elopement along with tips for getting the adventurous elopement photos of your dreams. Stay tuned at the end for the full album…

Planning Your Elopement Ceremony

If the thought of streamlining and simplifying your wedding planning process sounds like a DREAM, an elopement is truly the best of both worlds. You can have the adventure of a lifetime with your soulmate, and still invite your closest loved ones for an intimate ceremony. That’s exactly what Daneika and Tyler did and their day was so special and peaceful. 

If you’re looking for all my planning tips for your yosemite elopement, check out my post on this intimate autumn elopement in the park. For a few more tips I always pass along to my couples who are planning a yosemite elopement…

  • The altitude at most viewpoints in the park is around 8,000 feet, so preparation is key. The last thing you want on your wedding day is altitude sickness! Plan to arrive with enough time to acclimate and continuously hydrate.
  • Yosemite National Park is a major tourist destination, so planning an afternoon elopement in the middle of the summer busy season is going to be tough. Consider locking in your date during the off season (early spring and late fall). Going early in the week or planning a sunrise session is also a great way to beat the crowds and take advantage of popular viewpoints. 
  • Be sure to get your payments and permits in place before you start sending invites and booking vendors! So many people think since they’re eloping, they can just show up and say “I do”. While the process is pretty straightforward, you still need to secure your date with a permit and ensure you’re meeting all required guidelines. Check them out here!

Yosemite Elopement Photography

Now for the fun part…elopement photos! Lucky for us, the photo opportunities throughout the park are truly endless, and a lot of them are fairly easy to reach. You can find some of my favorite photo spots in the park in this post here from a stunning summer engagement session. My top tip for getting your dream elopement photos in yosemite is to come prepared! While we can stick to simpler trails and try to keep the hiking to a minimum, we’ll inevitably doing lots of walking and exploring throughout the day. My yosemite elopement packing list always includes:

  • PLENTY of water to stay hydrated (a camelback is always helpful) 
  • Makeup bag for touch ups, especially if it’s warm, you’ll want to freshen up so you can look and feel your best throughout the day
  • Comfortable shoes! Especially if you plan to hike to reach some viewpoints, wear your hiking boots and plan to change into your preferred shoes once we get there. Plus a few shots in your wedding dress and hiking boots are always adorable! 
  • Layers and rain gear. The climate inside the park can change quickly, so be prepared for temperature drops or a storm to roll through. The good news is, they usually pass pretty quickly!

If you’re looking for an experienced Yosemite elopement photographer who can help guide you through the planning and photography processes, I’m your girl! I’ve captured countless couples in the park and would love to help you plan the perfect elopement. You can see when I’m headed to Yosemite this year on my website here and save on travel costs. And a reminder that if you’re planning a wedding but still want those stunning wedding photos, we can always book a bridal session before or after the big day. Contact me to enquire about your Yosemite elopement before my calendar fills up for summer and fall sessions!